GoStream - Biggest collection of movies and series

GoStream has always been a very promising website but after their recent update we really trust it will become one of the most popular streaming site in a short time from now. They recently updated the old database which they insisted to keep for so many years. They finally get rid of it and created a fresh new database which shortly became the biggest collection of movies and tv shows available on a free streaming site. It is unreal how fast they succeeded to make this new database because in just one month GoStream figured out how to publish around 60.000 episodes, 2000 tv shows and 10.000 movies which is incredible.

Watch movies from the comfort of your home

We all know the era of cinema is over and nobody wants anymore go to outside just to watch a movie and also to pay for it when you can simply stay at home and watch everything for free on GoStream. We know that many people can't afford the expensive subscriptions for a streaming platform like Netflix or Hulu and that's why we will keep publishing free movies and series that everyone can enjoy without paying a single penny. This kind of entertainment has always been free on this sites and it will last forever.

Only high quality content

We are all tired of crappy content that big sites like 123Movies or FMovies are publishing everyday and they keep insisting to say their sites are the best. These sites only had the luck to be launched in the early time of the streaming niche and they became popular because people didn't have other alternatives. The era of 123Movies is over because now the visitors knows about better alternatives and are starting to choose new sites like GoStream to be their main source of free movies and series.

Daily updates

A very big advantage of GoStream is represented by the daily updates of the database. There is a team working 24/7 in order to publish all the latest movies and series within minutes after they are officially released by their networks or the cinema. Probably you observed that some new movies doesn't benefit of HD quality and this is because somebody was in cinema recording the movies with a video camera so you can watch them as soon as possible. If you have a little more patience, the high quality version will be released a bit later. Regarding the episodes, they are always in good quality and we publish them on GoStream in just a few seconds after their official release because we've developed an advanced system which let us add content very fast.